Welcome to LDS Compact Directory

LDS Compact Directory is a program that allows one to easily create a single page PDF document that contains contact information for all families within an LDS ward/branch.

The program is written in python allowing it to be run on most any platform (Windows XP/Vista, Linux, etc.).

The program requires a csv membership data file. The data file can either be an export from the church MLS system (accessible by clerks), or an export from your Local Unit Web Site (LUWS) (accessible by any member of a unit). For details on how to get this export file see the tips & tricks page.

Because the compact directory is created from these export files, updated versions of the compact directory to be created with minimal effort.


The latest version of LDS Compact Directory is available for download here.


There are two installation methods:
  1. windows installer
  2. install from source

The windows installer is the simplest method of installation. If using the windows installer, all required dependencies will be supplied as part of the installation.

If installing from source you must install the dependencies specied in the system requirements section below.  The program can then be downloaded using the link provided in the download section above.

System Requirements

If using the windows installer all dependencies will be automatically satisfied. If installing on another system using source code you will need to install the dependencies below.

LDS Compact Directory requires:
  • Python 2.5.4 or greater. Click here to download.
  • Reportlab python module.  Check here to download.
  • wxPython module.  Check here to download.

bugs & feature requests

Please use the sourceforge tracker application found here to log any bugs or feature requests.