tips & tricks

The info below may help you to better use LDS Compact directory.

Getting your membership data

Membership data can be obtained from two sources:

  1. Church MLS system (accessible by clerks and unit leadership)
  2. Local Unit Web Site (LUWS) (accessible by all unit members)

I assume people who have access to the MLS system know how to do a data export. If not, login and look for the export option under the file menu.

To get your membership data from the LUWS you will need to have an account to your unit's website. If you don't currently have an account you can easily create one. All you need are your membership record number(MRN) and your confirmation date. Forgotten these? No problem, just see one of your ward/branch clerks and they can look them up you.

Assuming you have an account, here are the steps to getting your LUWS export:

  1. Login to your unit website
  2. Click the link on the left that says "Membership Directory"
  3. Click the link in toward the upper-right corner that says "csv".
  4. Typically you'll be asked whether you want to open the file or save it. Save the file to a location you'll remember.

Now you can startup LDS Compact Directory and direct it to the file you've saved.